Billy Joel Returns to High School

Billy Joel Returns to High School

Here’s a little feel good story to get the weekend started off on a good note. The piano man, Billy Joel, is planning a return to his hometown Saturday to celebrate Hicksville High School’s graduation ceremony. His return marks 50 years since his own commencement.

Words of Wisdom

Joel, now 68 years-old had fallen one English credit short of his own graduation. However, later he returned in 1992 to finally receive his diploma. Saturday he will be one of the key speakers at this years ceremony, which will be held on the school’s athletic field. Joel will sit alongside the schools principal, superintendent and others.

I’m sure you can image this graduation will be packed. Not only with the 400 plus seniors scheduled to attend, but students’ families have also receive five tickets each.  In addition, the school is also opening gates for the rest of the community to participate in Joel’s words of wisdom.

At his own 1992 ceremony, the rock star joked saying, “Well, here I am, Mom. I’m actually going to get my high school diploma, and it’s only 25 years after everyone else got theirs. But Mom, don’t worry. I can finally pull myself out of this dead-end job I have and start working on a career with a real future.”  That statement, although cute and funny, just goes to show you that, while an education is important, it doesn’t necessarily define you. What really matters is the belief in yourself and the hustle you’re willing to put into following your passion.

Who know’s maybe he’ll break into an impromptu concert. One can only hope.

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