Collecting Money To Save A Broken Penis?

26. June 2017 News Events 0
Collecting Money To Save A Broken Penis?

Well, this story is not exactly about what the title might suggest. It’s not a real penis that broke, but rather a rock formation that looks kinda like a penis.  Apparently Norwegians are collecting money to fix this penis-shaped rock.

Broke Dick Mountain

So this average, yet girthy penis-shaped rock which had formed on the side of a mountain in southern Norway, was found completely broken off. The formation known as the Trollpikken rock, a very popular tourist attraction (go figure), was discovered by some joggers this past weekend. Experts noticed drill holes in the rock strongly suggesting vandalism was to blame for the phallic rocks fate.

Collecting Money

Stand At Attention

Activists are now collecting money to repair the penis rock. As of Sunday, over 500 people pitched in. Donating nearly $10,600 (90,000 Norwegian kroners) in an effort to fix the broken rock and see it stand firm and erect once again.

In the meantime, police are searching for any tips they can find to capture the person or people responsible for making Norway’s favorite penis go limp.

And they’re taking this seriously too. Anyone connected to this crime, could face up to one-year in prison. The defamation of this mountain is considered a serious environmental crime.

Bottom line is…you don’t mess with mother natures favorite penis!






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