Crazy Girl Did What??!!

23. February 2017 Can't Fix Stupid 0
Crazy Girl Did What??!!

Okay so this one is a stunner!  Not just because the attractive person in this story is a stunner (as in smoking hot), but this story is also a stunner because she’s apparently bat shit crazy!

I Told You That Bitch CRAZY!

Christen Marie McAllister, is without a doubt one exceptionally beautiful woman, who just happens to have been charged with one count of arson for…wait for it….”allegedly” setting her roommates bed on fire!  Oh you read that correctly.  This finalist in the Miss Kentucky USA pageant, set her roommate’s bed on fire during an argument.

So it seems that on February 18th, at around 12:15 a.m. the Louisville fire department was called to an off-campus student housing community near the University of Louisville. Two roommates were inside the home at the time of the fire but, thankfully no injuries were reported.

Investigators with the Arson Bureau said McAllister had gotten into an argument with a roommate and then just decided to set the roommate’s bed on fire.

Miss Kentucky USA Finalist

Okay, so I’m gonna have to be like most other sites. Basically explaining the situation of a hot chick who’s straight up insane and then try to capitalize on showcasing various pictures of her so you can see how hot she actually is.  Which of course is going to lead you to question, how someone who looks like this be so stupid.

I mean in what scenario does someone get so angry that they decide to set their roommates bed on fire? No one…except a crazy person.  I don’t care how hot she is, that’s just bonkers in my opinion.  So onto the gallery.  Blonde or brunette, take your pick.  Personally I’m a fan of brunette Christen myself.  If you want more pictures of Christen be sure to check out her Facebook page.






As you can see, she is the real deal but, also a big cup of crazy. That’s just my take on her.  I’d love to get your thoughts on this as well.  Can you get beyond her hottness and forgive her for her actions?  Or are you like most men, find her attractive enough to look past the crazy so you can just sleep with, assuming the sex would be wild because she crazy?  Dying for feedback on this one.  Do tell.

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