The $25,000 Dubai Prom!

The $25,000 Dubai Prom!

Ah, prom season.  A night of happiness and also dread for every parent (at least for the fathers of girls), as their child goes out for prom night.  I say dread because, let’s face it, it’s a night of almost certain hook ups for the young prom goers.  Hell, if they haven’t “done it” already, it’s definitely going down on prom night. I say this having daughters of my own and remember what I did after my junior and senior proms.  Double standard I know, but sue me.

Aside from the guarantee of sex for the guy, prom night is also a somewhat expensive night when you factor in the cost of tuxedos and limos.  But some parents just take things to the extreme.  Take this Philadelphia mom for example.

$25,000 Dubai Prom in Philadelphia

Saudia Shuler went more than a little overboard for her son, Johnny Eden Jr.’s, prom.   Talk about extravagance.  The teenager’s mom originally thought about sending her son on a trip to Dubai, but when that didn’t pan out, she decided to bring Dubai to Philadelphia.  To accomplish this, Shuler spent $25,000 on exotic cars, clothes and…wait for it…a camel.

What the fascination is with Dubai and camels, God only knows.  Aside from the camel, Johnny’s mom also got three tons of sand, a Rolls Royce and a Lamborghini to provide her son with the full Dubai look and feel.  Remember earlier I mentioned guys getting lucky on prom not.  Well, I’m sure Johnny didn’t have any issues.  Hell, that young man brought three dates to his prom.  Not only that but, each date also received custom-made gowns for the occasion while he also wore three different outfits himself. Not exactly sure how that worked, but whatever.

Dubai Prom

Dubai Prom


Now clearly if a parent can do this sort of thing without blinking an eye, then money must not be a concern for their family.  Must be nice I suppose.  Still it’s true when people say, if you have enough money common sense just goes right out the window.  In Shulers case her reasoning was a little different.  She claims she spent the money for sand, cars and the camel, because over the past few years, she fought through cancer and suffered a stroke.  She told herself if she survived she would do something big for her sons prom.  Look…I get it. I almost lost my wife from cancer as well when I kids were very young.  I went through something similar but it was getting the family to Disney, not spending $25,000 on renting a camel and cars.


Am I being to harsh here or does anyone agree with me.  Would love you feedback on this one, but I’m still filing this story away under “You Can’t Fix Stupid”.


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