Enjoy the Spirit of Rocky with Philadelphia’s #1 Impersonator!

23. January 2017 Entertainment 0
Enjoy the Spirit of Rocky with Philadelphia’s #1 Impersonator!

Anyone who knows me is aware that I am one of the biggest Rocky fans of all time. However, this past summer I met my match.

My family and I decided to go on a last minute get away before my oldest daughter went off to college. Knowing my wife loves American history, I thought a trip to Philadelphia might be good because it was close by.  Then for fun, I knew the girls would probably enjoy going to Hershey Park to experience some of the rides. Selfishly I thought, if we’re going to Philly, there was no reason we couldn’t also take a quick visit to the Rocky steps.

While researching things to do in the city of brotherly love, I ran across The Yo, Philly Rocky Film Tour. Jackpot! I couldn’t believe my eyes…Rocky heaven!

Meet Mike Kunda

spirit-of-rockyMike is Philadelphia’s #1 Rocky impersonator and it’s easy to see why. Originally from Scranton PA., Mike now lives in Camp Hill, and regularly makes the hour and forty-five minute commute to give Rocky fans, from all over the world (literally), a three hour guided tour of landmark movie locations used in the various films. Places like Rocky’s apartment from the first film, Mickey’s Gym, the pet shop Adrian worked at and even the cemetery from the 2006 installment, Rocky Balboa, where the former two time champ would sit and visit with his wife’s headstone.

On the day of our tour Mike picked us up in a van that seats 6 people comfortably and off we went. The tour was absolutely amazing. Mike’s movie knowledge and behind the scenes extras about the films was incredible. He is truly a walking Rocky encyclopedia.

Now I knew I’d love the tour, but was worried about my wife and especially my daughters. I feared they’d be bored to tears.  Neither of them had even seen Rocky at this point, so they went into this with the mindset of just humoring their dad. Much to my delight, they ended up loving it and especially Mike, because he made it so much fun. He’s absolutely charming, easy to talk to and a just a good guy. They especially loved that he did the tour dressed in character to capture the spirit of Rocky.

spirit-of-rocky rocky-impersonator







The Spirit of Rocky

What makes his tour special is that you learn more than just the movie history and background. You also get to know a bit about Mike as well. How he got into this unique business, as well as his love for the iconic movie hero. He’s had a very interesting life and his road to Rockyland was fate in my opinion.

Now in his tenth year of giving tours, Mike has created something special that everyone will enjoy. The tour and Mike’s approach completely embody the spirit of the 40 year old Oscar winning classic. Much like the movie, this tour has tremendous heart and so does its guide.

If you’re a true Rocky fan like me, then I encourage you to reach out to Mike Kunda and schedule your tour. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

We certainly weren’t.

spirit-of-rocky spirit-of-rocky


For more information on Mike and his tours, be sure to visit his website and also check out on his social media channels InstagramFacebook and Twitter as well.



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