How Could Facebook Be So Stupid?

17. January 2017 News Events 0
How Could Facebook Be So Stupid?

Facebook has gotten a lot of flack recently concerning the “fake news” shared on the social network.  This latest story takes the cake and just makes me wonder how Facebook could be so stupid.  I wish this story was fake, but it’s not.

Facebook stupid

Tragically a 12-year-old girl by the name of Katelyn Nicole Davis decided to take her life.  What’s more disturbing is that she decided to live stream her own suicide via social media, using a popular streaming service called Live.Me.

That alone is upsetting, but this story actually gets worse.  Police in Polk County, where the incident took place, apparently had no authority to take down the the footage and inevitably the video of this poor girls demise spread across the internet because, of course, people kept sharing it on Facebook, YouTube and God only knows what else.

Now here’s where I get annoyed with Facebook.  YouTube and Live.Me immediately removed the video out of respect for the family of the victim.  YouTube cited its “policy on violent or graphic content,” as there reasoning (as if any was really needed in this case).  However Facebook took two weeks to take action and remove the horrible footage.  TWO WEEKS!!!  By the time they took the video down, it had already been viewed by thousands all over the world.  That is what I call a special kind of Facebook stupid!

But it gets even worse

As if the suicide by hanging wasn’t sad enough, before ultimately killing herself, this poor little girl also shared that she was battling depression and had been sexually abused by a family member.  Completely heart breaking.  As a parent, I feel for this girls family and would not want my child’s suicide lingering out on the internet.  That alone frustrates me about Facebooks slowness to act.

This isn’t the first time Facebook has been guilty of being so stupid either.  They’ve had issues with violent videos before.  For instance, earlier this month four people were caught in Chicago after abusing a mentally challenged kid and streaming it on Facebook Live.

It’s not just live streaming either though.  I remember seeing a post once of a beheading.  Absolutely horrible.  When I saw the headline of the post, I was convinced it couldn’t possibly be real.  Curiosity did get the better of me, so I clicked to see…sadly I found it was real.  Real disturbing too.

Now this is just my opinion but, I think in the case of this young girl, it is absolutely poor judgement and lack of knowledge about what is going on within its own social network for Facebook to have kept this video up so long. Shameful, is really all I can say.

We need some common sense

As disappointing as it is for Facebook’s slow action on this particular instance, I also need to be fair to them. Facebook is a content feeding machine. That’s what they do.  The bigger issue is us.  The consumption hungry readers of the content that Facebook and other social media platforms provide.  They are just giving us things to absorb.  We are the ones that really need to start questioning ourselves and sending a message to these media networks about what is acceptable. One could argue this a sensor ship and I don’t mean to imply that.  I’m just suggesting common sense and judgement.

I’ve VERY curious about your thoughts on this one and really interested in your feedback.  I hope you’re share your thoughts regardless if you agree or not.  The idea here is friendly debate.



Suicide is a serious issue.  Please, please, please let someone you know if you’re considering suicide or having feelings of anxiety or depression.  Nothing in life is as bad as it may seem and remember, after every dark night there’s a brighter day ahead.

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