Heather Thomas of “The Fall Guy”

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Heather Thomas of “The Fall Guy”

Now I’m dating myself with this post, but I use to LOVE Heather Thomas ofThe Fall Guy television show, which aired in the early 80’s.  Not just love her because she was hot.  Boy was she hot. I also have a thing for her because she was the second person I ever kissed.  Real kiss too. Not a silly little peck on the cheek, but smack dab on the mouth!

The Fall Guy

So the Fall Guy was a show starting Lee Majors (formerly known as the Six Million Dollar Man…trust me it’s worth a look up) who played a Hollywood stunt man, known as Colt Seavers, that also happened to work as a Bounty Hunter between movie gigs.  Like any show then and now, Colt just happened to have a smoking hot assistant who worked for him.

Heather Thomas played the role of Jody Banks in the series which lasted five seasons.  Heather’s character (it’s okay, we’re on a first name basis because we kissed) would occasionally join in on the action as Colt and Howie Munson, played by Douglas Barr, were on the hunt to bring criminals to justice.

It’s no wonder the show was a hit.  They found every opportunity they could to put Heather in an episode wearing nothing but a bikini.  Man am I ever glad they did.  Just take a look…


Cars and Hot Women

You’re probably wondering how I got to meet and eventually kiss the bikini clad lady in the video.

So like any 15 year old kid, I was into cars.  There happened to be a custom car show at the Convention Center in Baltimore one year, and the television ads highlighted all of these amazing cars and monster trucks, as well as special appearances by various celebrities.  Well, I’m sure you can guess who made an appearance.  Once I found out she was coming to the show, come hell or high water, I was gonna be there.  I asked my father if he would take me and he agreed.

So the day of, we get there early.  I never told my dad about meeting Heather Thomas, just found the autograph line and waited.  I hadn’t even looked at a car yet.  My strategy paid off though, because I landed the third place spot in line. While I waited for 45 minutes, my dad asks “Who is this girl?” to which I reply…“You’ll see”.

The Moment of Truth

FINALLY!  Heather makes her way to the home made stage for her signing. The first person goes up, gets an autograph, then the second.  Both shake her hand, thank her for the autograph and go on about their day.

Now it’s my turn.  I walk up the small stairs of the stage and make my way over to the desk she was sitting at.  She looks right at me with the biggest smile and says “Hi! How are you? I’m Heather, what’s your name?” Perhaps it was because I was a naive kid and didn’t realize that her graciousness towards me was all part of the celebrity PR blueprint.  Or maybe she really is as sweet of a person as she was to me that day.  Regardless, she was so welcoming and friendly that I was completely relaxed.

She Had the Softest Lips

After exchanging our pleasantries, I handed her a picture I had from the show, she signed it “Martin, Love and Laughs, Heather Thomas XOXO”.   As she handed it back to me, she looked at me with those amazing blue eyes and a big beautiful bright smile and simply said, “Here you go Martin.”  It felt like it was happening in slow motion also.  As I looked at the XOXO of the autograph, it just hit me.  So without even thinking I asked “Heather could I get a kiss?”  She was a little stunned for sure and I guarantee you she had to be thinking “What do I do here?”

As God is my witness, my assumption at the time was she would just give me a small kiss on the cheek.  Much to my surprise and after a pause that felt like an eternity to a 15 year old, she leaned over, touched my cheek with her hand and kissed me right on the lips.  The softest, nicest kiss I could have ever asked for. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  After she kissed me, she looked at me and said “YOU, have a great day Martin.”  A great day?  Hell I had the greatest year after that.

King For A Day

By now the line to meet her had grown and winded around the building.  Reality hit me soon after the kiss as I noticed the crowd was cheering for me.  I felt like a rock star.  King for a day.  In hindsight I probably opened up a can of worms for her because, although I was the first to ask, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the last.   As I made my way towards my father, I noticed he was all smiles. The first thing he said to me was “That’s my boy.” 

Heather and I never saw each other again (LOL!).  She went on to finish up the Fall Guy series and, afterwards, only did various television appearances or the occasional made for TV movie.  I wore my experience like a badge of honor for the next couple of years and although we were not physically together, I kept my autographed picture in my room like a shrine and eventually purchased a very popular poster of Heather that I spent many a tortured night with.


If you look Heather Thomas up today, you’ll see she has aged VERY well.  Perhaps she’s had some “work” done. Not certain but, even so, she still looks damn good for someone in her 50’s.

I’m curious about any celebrities you’ve had an encounters with?  Either as a kid or an adult?  Or even someone you’re dying to meet now? I’d love to hear your story and also if anyone even knows who I’m talking about in this post.  She’s been out of the public eye for sometime but, in her day, she was one of the greats!


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