Honest Review: Wonder Woman

Honest Review: Wonder Woman

This past weekend for Father’s Day, my wife and daughters decided to take me to see the new Wonder Woman movie. My oldest daughter Delaney wants to be a director someday and she was thrilled that this movie was doing so well, because it not only celebrates a strong female hero, but it was directed by a woman (Patty Jenkins). So in honor of my ladies, I wanted to give an honest review of Wonder Woman.

More Than A Pretty Face

Now I have to be honest, I am not a professional movie reviewer. This ain’t Siskel and Ebert, just a regular guy giving his personal opinion on the new superhero movie of the summer.

Truthfully, I had absolutely no interest whatsoever in seeing this film. I hadn’t been impressed with the previews and didn’t think much of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman either. First because I never heard of her before and too me, she didn’t look the part. Secondly, and I’m just being honest, Linda Carter will always be my favorite. She’s the Wonder Woman of my youth. I use to love that show and she was one of my first TV crushes. Seriously, just look at her and tell me she wasn’t hot. She’s still beautiful to this day.

Honest Review: Wonder Woman

But I have to admit that Gadot actually impressed me. I thought she played the character perfectly, showing the essence of a strong-willed and determined woman, who is also young and naive about the people she fights so hard to protect.

She is also much prettier than I had originally thought. It’s hard to keep your eyes off her. Gadot really captivates you with her beauty and presence. Innocent, sexy and fierce all out of one person. The picture below captures it all for me personally…

Honest Review: Wonder Woman

Overall Thoughts

All in all I would give this movie a B+.  It’s definitely entertaining. Hey…for a lazy Father’s Day Sunday with the wonderful women in my life, why not. I say give it a shot if you’re interested. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth for sure.

Warning though, it was a bit long in my opinion.The running time is 2 hours and 24 minutes. I think it could have been 20 to 30 minutes shorter and still end up being a good flick. That’s Hollywood for you though. They can drag some shit out. It’s also a tad bit hokie at times as well, but I always default to realism and for this movie I needed to remind myself every so often this was all based off a comic book.

So there you have it.  My personal opinion of the lastest summer blockbuster. If you’ve seen the movie, please join in and share your thoughts as well. Let us know what you think.

The vibe I’ve gotten from most people I’ve spoken with, is that they really weren’t too excited about seeing it (DC hasn’t made the best superhero movie to date), but ended up feeling it was way better than they expected. I have to agree with that.






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