Hot Babe Basketball Tricks With Steve-O

20. February 2017 Entertainment 0
Hot Babe Basketball Tricks With Steve-O

This is completely juvenile but made me laugh. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Steve-O on the internet but, here is his newest creation. Check out the latest edition to the former Jackass stars YouTube channel. Appropriately titled “Titty Trick Shots 2: Basketball”, it’s pretty funny.

Boobs and Basketball

Including a little help from platinum blonde bombshell Laci Kay Somers, Steve-O provides endless fun for all.  In this short video clip you’ll find some amazing trick shots utilizing a small plastic basketball and Laci’s enormous, yet perfect, plastic boobies.   Hey-O!  Come one now, just a little humor. I mean no disrespect towards Laci Kay (she’s actually quite cool if you check out her YouTube page).

My favorite is the long shot from Laci’s perspective.  Very cool.  Take a gander and enjoy everyone!



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