Is the Trump Immigration Ban Really a Muslim Ban?

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Is the Trump Immigration Ban Really a Muslim Ban?

A lot has been said recently concerning the Trump immigration ban which has created mass protests all over the country.  On the Today show this morning, Ari Melber, from MSNBC highlighted a “fact checking” segment on this issue and pointed out the misconceptions with it.


Is This a Muslim Ban?

Matt Later starts the segment off asking if the executive order was truly a Muslim ban and are they even specifically mentioned within it?   The answer…no.

Melber points out that this order does NOT mention Muslims or Islam by name.  It only mentioned specific countries, which in effect will ban Muslim’s from those countries.


Similar to Obama Policy

That is a point Sean Spicer has been making, in an effort to combat the criticism concerning the Trump travel restrictions.  Essentially saying that these were countries that the Obama administration identified previously as needing further travel restrictions.  However, according to Melber’s deeper dive into the Obama stance back in 2011, that instance was about slowing the entrance of Iraqis. It was never a complete ban either, nor did it include the other countries mentioned in Trumps order.

Safety from Terror

Now the goal behind the travel ban is to do proper vetting before entry in an effort to mitigate if not completely eliminate terrorism.  Not a bad goal, right?  Make America safe.

As everyone knows the countries listed in the ban are:

  1. Syria
  2. Iran
  3. Lybia
  4. Somalia
  5. Iraq
  6. Sudan
  7. Yemen

But Melber points out some a pretty important facts.  Although it is true these countries have been citied in previous laws, it is NOT true that they have been cited by the U.S. Congress as a “source of immigrant exported terrorism”.   These seven countries were known to be dangerous places to visit which is a key distinction that needs to be understood between the Trump and Obama comparison.

Guess Who’s Not On The List?

Here’s another reason why it’s also very important to understand these seven countries as places not recognized for terror.  It’s because terrorist events that have taken place on or after 9/11, are all from countries that aren’t on Trumps ban list.  Places such as:

  1. Saudi Arabia
  2. Egypt
  3. Lebanon
  4. Pakistan
  5. Afghanistan

So the idea of protecting our country is a good one, no doubt.  One that we as American’s should consider.  My concern is more around the question of, has enough real thought been put into this?  Not only with this, but with all other executive orders signed by Trump since taking office. Or is all of this to show supporters that Trump is a man of action?  To show he can deliver on the promises made during the election?

Check out the Today show segment for yourself…

What are you’re thoughts on this? Do you agree with the research that the Today show and Ari Melber has done? Do you think the immigration ban focuses on Muslims?  Please let me know how you feel.



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