Best Actor Winner Jamie Foxx Involved in a Fight!

23. January 2017 Entertainment 0
Best Actor Winner Jamie Foxx Involved in a Fight!

Reports have surfaced showing best actor winner, Jamie Foxx, was involved in a fight over the weekend.

Jamie Keep it Down

Sources say Foxx was dining at a popular West Hollywood bar, just enjoying time with friends. While in the patio area, an unknown man apparently decided to confront the actor and his entourage to complain about how loud they were being.

One witness said things became heated when the gentleman, requesting they keep it down, decided to finish his statement by saying, “You don’t want to mess with me. I’m from New York.”

Apparently being from New York automatically means you’re a badass and can take on anyone. After his brash statement, one of Jamie’s buddies quickly rebutted the man with one of this own, saying, “Fuck you. I’m from Oakland.”

Oh No You Didn’t!

Seems after their geography discussion, the guy attacked Jamie and pulled the actor down onto a table.  From that point, it was on. Foxx put the man in a choke hold and brought him down to the floor.  This TMZ video I’ve included isn’t very clear, but you get the idea.

Once everyone was pulled apart, our unidentified New Yorker and his friends were physically escorted from the bar. As for Jamie Foxx, he gets some press from the incident, got to make light of it and also used the situation to help promote his new movie “Sleepless” which came out on January 13th.

I’m sure our New York trouble maker will brag to his friends about how he put Jamie Foxx in his place.


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