Jesse James is a Complete and Utter Douchebag!

24. January 2017 Can't Fix Stupid 0
Jesse James is a Complete and Utter Douchebag!

Shocker I know.

Outlaw of Idiocy

As if publicly humiliating America’s sweetheart Sandra Bullock wasn’t douchey enough, Jesse James has done it again.  Taking his douchbagery to another level with this recent tweet…


The tweet is in reference to the recent women’s march in DC.  As a father of two daughters, I personally take offense to this statement.  It show a complete lack of disrespect and makes no real point whatsoever.  Unless his point this that women should just be quite and focus on issues that effect people who really matter.

Stick to What You Know

His aww shucks, quite spoken, tough guy image is just that…an image.  One most likely crafted by a publisit that got him some popularity and gave this moron a voice.  But Jesse, just don’t speak about things you know nothing about.

Clearly the point of women’s issues and concerns has been completely missed by this idiot!  The fact that women’s right are even in question is obsurd and if he truly understands that, perhaps he would be more sensitive to woman.

Oh wait, I forgot.  He has no sensitivity towards women.  As a matter of fact, if I recall, he basically has no soul based on his actions towards his ex wife.  Jesse, that alone disqualifies you from making any sort of statement as it pertains to woman’s issues.

Definitely interested in what everyone else’s  thoughts are on Jesse’s tweet.  Please comment and share.  Let me know if you agree or disagree.



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