Kate Upton And Her Hot Sports Illustrated Covers

15. February 2017 Entertainment 0
Kate Upton And Her Hot Sports Illustrated Covers

Many men, including myself, are happy to see that Sports Illustrated has revealed its 2017 swimsuit issue cover girl, Kate Upton. Additionally a special unveiling took place on Jimmy Kimmel Live where Kate found out herself which image dawned the cover.

Something Different

The 2017 edition brings about two special touches that S.I. has added.  One being that there are three gorgeous Kate covers to chose from.  All were shot by photographer Yu Tsai. One is of her in a bikini that looks as if someone tied some rope together and just covered up her unmentionables. Personally this one is my least favorite. I don’t think the picture is at all flattering because Katie kind of looks pregnant in it.Kate-Upton

Another one has her in a pair of white bottoms with a sparkly silver jacket.  This one I think is very HOT!  Not practical but, still hot. I mean who wears a sequin jacket on the beach?Kate-Upton

The final shot is of Kate in gold chains and using her hand to cover up those perfect breasts of hers. Apparently, bikini tops are scarce for each cover but, I’m not complaining. Kate-Upton

Turns out that the 24-year-old Upton didn’t even know that she had landed the cover until Monday.  Even then, she had no idea what cover the magazine had decided on, let alone three different ones.

The second “special touch” that S.I. took this year was a body diversity and age inclusion approach.  Upton said she is particularly proud to be featured on the cover of this year’s issue because of it, saying “To have an issue that focuses on that is really an amazing moment for me, because I think it’s important for everyone to be the best they can be, but not to strive to be a company or industry’s idea of perfect,” Upton went on to say “For S.I. to emphasize every different type of perfect is really inspiring. Those are the campaigns I want to do and the career I want to have — to inspire women to love themselves.”

Yet another hit edition for S.I. and the diversity incorporated in this years swimsuit issue is much appreciated by myself, because I’m personally a big fan of all types of women.

Congratulations, Kate and thanks for the mammaries.


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