Man Faces Murder Charges For Road Rage Killing

05. July 2017 News Events 0
Man Faces Murder Charges For Road Rage Killing

This story is unbelievable…

We’ve all experienced road rage in one way or another. Either we got angry with someone else on the road, or have been a victim of someone else’s rage. Generally nothing comes of it, but not in this case. Here’s why one man faces murder charges for a road rage killing.

Senseless Shooting

David Desper is a heartless animal and vicious killer in my humble opinion. The Pennsylvania man is currently in custody for the senseless shooting of a recent high school graduate. The reason…a road-rage confrontation.

And why? All because the two tried to merge onto a single lane at the same time.

While fighting for position of the lane, Desper decided to pull out a 40-caliber Smith and Wesson semi-automatic handgun. With one squeeze of the tigger, he shot the victim, Bianca Roberson, in the head. This poor girl was killed instantly, causing her car veer off the road where it ended up hitting a tree and settling in a ditch.

Dreams Destroyed

Sadly, the18-year-old had just graduated from Bayard Rustin High School and she was planning to attend Jacksonville University in Florida starting in the fall. Those plans are all over with now thanks to Despers unimaginable crime.

bianca roberson

After fleeing the scene in his red pickup, police were able to track Despers vehicle by using surveillance video, as well as many tips from the general public.

The 28 year-old man eventually turned himself in after a manhunt was set up to find him. The police charged him with first- and third-degree murder, possession of an instrument of crime, and reckless endangering in the death of Bianca Roberson.

So in the end one girl’s dead and two families will never be the same because someone got “angry” about a merge lane.

Think about that for a minute…

A bright future was extinguished well before it truly got a chance to shine, because a guy got upset and decided to handle his frustrations with a gun.

What happens to Desper from this point forward is meaningless. Hopefully he gets what he deserves, which is a sentence of not being able to breathe the same air we all enjoy.



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