Should Men Be Worried About A New Male Sex Robot?

Should Men Be Worried About A New Male Sex Robot?

Okay this story is a little freaky even for me. That said this is potentially a NSFW article.

I’ve heard about men’s fascination with female synthetic sex dolls. There was even a movie from 2007 featuring one of these dolls and starting Ryan Gosling, called “Lars and The Real Girl” (check it out).

But these days it seems that women are now expressing an interest in the male version of synthetic dolls, which makes me wonder…should men be worried about the new male sex robots?

The Bionic Penis

While surfing the web today, I came across this episode of VICE, that had me dumbfounded. It was a story on the growing market of women interested in purchasing male sex dolls.

Shocking I know, right?

Usually thought of as a “man thing” to do, surprisingly more and more women are paying upwards of $13,000 for one of these sex dolls.

Why anyone would want to pay that amount of money is beyond me. A mobile device and access to PornHub is fast, easy and a hell of a lot cheaper in my opinion.

But women are shelling out the bucks because they like the idea of having someone available to meet their sexual intimacy needs while remaining independent.

Tired Of The Game

Let’s face it guys…there is are lot of “games” played in the dating scene. Women are generally looking for a good man and that can be very hard to find in today’s world of Tinder and other online dating sites.

But should men be worried?

In the end I think true intimacy will always win out for people. If you want to get your rocks off, then sure sex with a doll can accomplish that. For a woman, a male sex doll gives her control and she never has to worry about a limp dick.

However, some women don’t always like to be in control. Some like a man that takes charge of the situation. Knows what he wants, as well as how to please.

To that end, I say that nothing can replace true chemistry, attraction and connection between people. Perhaps 50 years from now, I think we should all be worried. Artificial Intelligence is fast approaching. Eventually we’ll get to a point where it truly will be hard to tell who’s a synthetic and who’s not. The world of Bladerunner is fast approaching us.

My question to you is…given the opportunity now, to have sex with one of these male or female synthetic dolls…would you do it?






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