Online Death Threat to State Lawmaker

Online Death Threat to State Lawmaker

Now who couldn’t love a face like that? Meet my main man Steve St. Felix. Seems like a jovial enough guy, right? So you would think. But no, this is actually Steve’s mug shot.

Oh No He Didn’t!

Sadly…he did.

This seemingly happy go lucky Florida man was charged with threatening to kill a state legislator on a Facebook post.

Jose Felix Diaz is a Republican representative, who St. Felix’s had beef with and decided to post the following: ‘I’ll kill your ass and you better not show up to the next REC meeting'”.

Okay, so that message doesn’t hold anything back. It’s straight and to the point for sure. Definitely crystal clear on how he feels. But Like so many before him, this is why Steve St. Felix falls into our “You Can’t Fix Stupid” category.

Naturally Rep. Diaz didn’t want to take any changes. Especially after the recent shootings of Congressman Steve Scalise, so he called the Miami-Dade police about the post and they took action. According to Police, after his arrest, St. Felix admitted making the threatening post because he was ‘fed up’ with the Republican Party.

Steve, c’mon man…aren’t we all a little fed up at this point? Just with politics in general. But look, you can’t go around threatening to kill Republicans. Okay, maybe that’s how you feel. I’m sure plenty of other people do too, but they aren’t stupid enough to post it on Facebook!

St. Felix claims he meant no actual harm. He was just playin. That and well…he had forgot to take an “unspecified medication” at the time. By the way, during the investigation it never really became clear what condition he actually had that required medication.

And The Verdict Is?

Although the post was deleted shortly after it had been posted. The damage had already been done and St. Felix sealed his own fate.

Steve St. Felix

Our wonderful guy with the dazzling yellowish smile was held on $500,000 bail, thus jailed for making threats to kill and do bodily harm.  And you know what…I’m okay with that.





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