Robert Goodwin Sr.

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Robert Goodwin Sr.

I’m saddened and also sickened by the murder of a harmless old man by the name of Robert Godwin Sr. Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you already know Godwin was the 74-year old gentleman minding his own business, walking with a plastic bag in hand and believed to be picking up cans along the sidewalk when a heartless, cold blooded killer selected him randomly for death because he wanted to get back at his ex-girlfriend for ending their relationship.

I stumbled upon the video of the actual shooting that Steve Stephens posted on his Facebook page. For the life of me, I’m not sure why, but found myself watching it. Afterwards I felt so ashamed of myself for clicking the link because what I saw horrified me. Seeing this incident, defenseless and truly helpless man be approached and then gunned down was disturbing.  He literally had no idea what was going on until he noticed a gun pointed at his face.  Just awful and something that I will never be able to unsee.

The video is nothing I would share with you, so don’t look for a link.  It’s still floating out there on the internet. You may be curious, as I was, but I don’t recommend watching it. If nothing else, I beg you not to help spread this video across the web out of respect to the victims family members.  No one deserves this, and this poor family should not have to relive this horrific act taken upon someone they loved.

Robert Godwin Sr.Who was Robert Godwin Sr?

So who was the man gunned down?  Well, first a human being with a family that loved him very much. Robert Godwin Sr. was a father of nine children and grandfather of 14. According to a statement made by his son with a local station WOIO, Godwin was a “good guy who would give you the shirt off his back”. He was a retired foundry worker who cared very deeply for his family and seen by many as a gentle soul.  That’s what makes this killing that much more horrific.

When I was young and would see older people sitting or walking by me, I would image all of the life experiences they must have encountered throughout the years.  The joy and even sadness experienced during a life well lived. Each time I would find myself saying “I hope I’m that fortunate”. I could see a dignity in their frailty. Godwin’s frailty clearly came across on this video before his death. Seeing that made me even angrier at this monster who clearly selected someone unable to defend himself and couldn’t put up a fight.

Steve Stephens

I don’t want to get too much into the killer because he needs no more attention. That last bit he should ever receive is from yesterday upon learning of his suicide. There is a special place in hell for people like Steve Stephens and I’m glad he can’t hurt anyone else.

All that remains are thoughts and prayers shared with the grieving Godwin family. If on the off chance they should ever read this, please know that people across the country and the world send love and hugs to you during your time of need.

Not sure where to end this really other than to tell you all…be sure to hug someone you care about today. Tell them you love them.  If you fought, tell then you’re sorry or forgive them.  Let the ones you love know how much because, unexpectedly, you may not be able to.  Tomorrow is promised to no one.

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