Salvador Dali To Be Exhumed!

Salvador Dali To Be Exhumed!

This is no joke!  A judge has ordered the body of Salvador Dali, to be exhumed in hopes of settling a paternity suit once and for all.

Eww Gross!

The judges order came as part of an ongoing case involving a Spanish woman by the name of Pilar Abel Martínez. Martínez claims her mother had an affair with the Spanish artist back in 1955.

Martínez has actually made this claim twice before. However, since there are no remains containing DNA, determining whether Dali is her father is nearly impossible. That was until the judge moved forward with requesting the body be exhumed.

Is Dali The Baby Daddy?

Martínez maintains that her mother had a secret relationship with the painter while working as a maid for another family who would spend part of the year in the same area as Dali.

Does this sounds familiar at all?  Vaguely reminiscent, yet not exact, of the situation involving Arnold Schwarzenegger and his maid.

My first thought was maybe she made this all up, by using a similar scenario. Fact is…Martínez has been at this since 2007 and the revelation of Arnold’s love child come out in 2011.

If DNA collected from the remains proves she is Dali’s daughter, Martínez has a lot to gain financially. Dali left behind a tremendous amount of wealth after his death in 1989. A portion of that could probably help Martínez who currently works as a tarot card reader.

Stop The Madness!

In a statement, the Salvador Dali Foundation says it is preparing an appeal. Their plan is to fight the court order granted for exhumation of the remains.

Salvador Dali


Personally, I think Dali did it. We’ll see what the DNA says if this exhumation proceeds.

However, just going off instinct here, I have to believe he had his various side pieces. I’m mean just look at the guy…eccentric doesn’t fully sum him up. I’ll beat he was into some kinky shit too.

What about you?  What are your thoughts on this unique story?





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