Senator Elizabeth Warren DESTROYS Betsy DeVos at Senate Confirmation Hearing

18. January 2017 News Events 0

This was unbelievable!  Senator Elizabeth Warren DESTROYS Betsy DeVos at the Senate confirmation hearing yesterday.

Senator Warren, I’m mean WOW!

If you haven’t watched this, I strongly urge you to do so.  The answers or “non-answers” are actually very scary considering DeVos is actively seeking confirmation as the Secretary of Education.  It’s clear she has no experience with any of the responsibilities of the position.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’m not a Trump supporter.  Truth of the matter is, I think both parties are particularly bad.  However, it’s seems as if we’ve hit an all time low in politics now, when this is the best that can be offered for key roles within our government.

Grizzly Bears?

Keep in mind that this video clip I’m posting is only a SMALL portion of the jaw dropping hearing.  I’m not kidding about the grizzly bear comment either. DeVos was asked if she believed if there should be guns in schools.  More like the administration having guns, not students.  She said, and I quote: “I would imagine there is probably a gun in the school to protect from grizzlies”. This was in reference to a school located in Wyoming but, really?  That’s her answer?  It’s clear she didn’t truly understand the actual question.

To be truthful, I almost felt sorry for the woman while watching this debacle.  I mean was there no one that could properly prep this lady in advance of the hearings?  Really?


When I saw this, I immediately knew I would need to post my thoughts and express my shock. Quite frankly I struggled with how I categorize it also.  I mean is it a “Can’t Fix Stupid” piece or is does it qualify as a “News Event“?

I’m dying to hear what you think about this.  Please be sure to share your thoughts on this hearing, Betsy DeVos or Senator Warren.  Hell even Donald Trump for that matter.

Do you think the treatment she received was fair? Or do you think she is absolutely not qualified and has no business in this role?  Would love to hear you thoughts.




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