What’s with Stupid People on the Internet

18. January 2017 Can't Fix Stupid 0
What’s with Stupid People on the Internet

People of the internet never cease to amaze me.  More and more I find stories of stupid people and have to ask myself “Can this be real?”.  Just when I think I’ve seen it all, then I run across something like this and I’m floored.

What’s with these stupid people?

Fact of the matter is, people are just idiots.  You know it and I know it, but what ya gonna do?

Here’s how this one started. A meme on how to break the ligament of your thumb has been spreading around the internet for some time now.  It basically says here’s something to do “if you are bored”.  Guess what…people are actually doing it, which makes me wonder what’s with these stupid people? I mean really!

The meme started to take off on Twitter and, over time, other social media outlets helped to fuel the stupidity.
After doing some investigation, it turns out the diagram being spread across the internet are actually instruction on how to diagnose de Quervain’s tendonitis.  For the laymen out there like myself, it’s an inflammation of the tendons in your thumb. If you perform the test and find sharp shooting pain along your thumb to your wrist, it’s a sign of tendonitis, but this flex won’t actually break your thumb.  It can certainly tear the tendon the more you try though.



This story reminds me that, in various situations such as work, relationships, friendships, cars, computers, etc. almost anything can be fixed.  I say “almost” because this is truly only one thing that has no remedy because…you can’t fix stupid!

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this story.  Have you heard of this before?  Or better yet, have you seen or heard about other things like this or worse that show how stupid people are on the internet?


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