The True Meaning of Life

03. February 2017 Life Happens 0
The True Meaning of Life

I was reminded yesterday of what’s important, or as I like to think of it, the true meaning in life, and felt compelled to write about it.  It doesn’t matter to me if you read this, like it, share it or comment.  For me this is a release of the thoughts and feelings I wanted to share with anyone interested.


Meet one of the reasons that reminds me of my own purpose in this world…my daughter Delaney.










A couple weeks prior, while away at college, she asked for her mother or I to pick her up so she could come home for the weekend.  Naturally I assumed my wife would get her but, when you assume, you make an ASS out of U and ME.  The task inevitably was handed to me the night before she needed to be picked up.  Seems mom forgot about a PTA meeting she needed to attend. So needless to say, I was aggravated. Not for having to pick Delaney up, but rather all the hassles it would entail. Unfortunately for me, my mind defaults to the “pain in the butt” items this journey would require.

For example…traffic.  Ugh, I’m gonna get stuck in rush hour traffic. So that means I need to leave work early.  Now I have to rearrange all my meetings that day as well.   Oh wait, I can’t pick her up in my car because the passenger door doesn’t open thanks to the car that hit me hit earlier in the week.  Oh well, I’m going to have to take her car for the day.  Ewww, it’s pretty gross inside.  Doesn’t she ever clean this thing?

The Best Laid Plan

So the day of my journey to bringing my daughter home from school, also just happens to be one of the absolute worst days of my week.  One unreasonable client and another that is simply misinformed. Gotta fix that as best as possible…and do you ever really “fix” it?  No they just understand the “why” a little better but, ultimately are still unhappy.  Then there is the ridiculous project that just will not die.  Doesn’t make sense, why are we even talking about this?  And, of course, meetings from the moment I walk in the door.

No problem though, I adjusted my schedule and set a time to leave that gets me to her school at a decent hour and then home before rush hour.  Through all the muck, I was still able to come up with a well thought out plan.

Or so I thought…

I figured I needed to leave at 2 p.m to be at my daughters school by 3 p.m  She hops in the car as soon as I get there and we’re home by 4 p.m and beat rush hour.

The Unexpected

As I get into my daughters car and press the start button, much to my surprise, nothing happens. Car won’t start. You’ve got to be kidding me!  It worked this morning on my way in.  What the hell is going on?  After a couple of minutes I recognize that the key fob battery is dead.  But wait!  This key has a built in manual key.  Press a button, and BAM pops right out.  No problem I’ll do it the old fashion way.

Yeah, no…

Now, perhaps I’m just stupid but I challenge any of you to find a place in a 2014 VW Jetta Hybrid to insert a key to manually start the car.  Believe me I tried.  So now, I’m panicking.  My plans are ruined.  Where in God’s name am I going to find a place that has a 3V battery for a remote key fob?  Not sure about your area, but they ain’t easy to find in mine.

Fortunately I found a CVS close by and PRESTO, car starts again.  Of course, I’ve now lost an hour  on my well thought out plan and start to feel the pressure of “being late”.  Just a reminder that no one actually set a definitative time table on me.  It was all self enforced.  But I’m frantic and need to get there.  Gotta beat rush hour on the way home.

The Moral of the Story

As I got there, I kept thinking “okay, lets go and get home as quickly as possible.”  The drive, however, was a completely different story. As we drove off she started to talk. Telling me about her day. We talked about her desire to transfer to another school and we discussed the college visits she’d like to make during spring break. Before I knew it we were well into the drive home. Traffic was actually the last thing on my mind.  I can’t really say I noticed any traffic.  We were engaged in great conversation about her future and stories about her youth and how much she loved her family.

I felt so good during the entire ride. Grateful to be connecting with her. So much so, I didn’t want the drive to end. I was happy.  Truly happy to be with my child and be fully present in our conversation. All of the other crap earlier in my day or the week before didn’t matter.  What mattered was her (Delaney), my other children, her mom and our family.

So I guess that’s the point I wanted to share.  Everything else, outside of family, is all noise in the great scheme of things.  You work to support and provide for your family. It’s SO easy to get wrapped up in all the “drama” of the day but, in the end, it’s the moments of connection with the ones you love that makes life so worth while.

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