Tom Brady Winning The Super Bowl Was Like Trump Becoming President

06. February 2017 News Events 0
Tom Brady Winning The Super Bowl Was Like Trump Becoming President

The 2016 season Super Bowl game had to be one of the most amazing games in NFL history.  So why did Tom Brady winning the Super Bowl feel like Trump becoming President all over again?

Seriously, that is how depressed I felt after watching this game.  I can’t speak for most American’s, or the New England fans or the various unsatisfied housewives that just think Brady is hot.  The game itself was WAY better than I anyone expected it to be and then…heartbreak.

Never have I gone into a game wanting Brady to lose so badly.  This is what I heard from most people I knew. And not because people are Brady haters.  More so because everyone is just tired of what feels like the “same old thing”. It’s almost become common place to say “Ugh…not another Patriots Super Bowl”.  Winning consistently, over time, apparently gets old for fans.  I’m guilty of it myself.

Cry Brady, Cry!

Gone are the days of the “Aww shucks”, boy next door Tom Brady that every father wanted his daughter to marry. Over the past 10 years or so, as Brady excelled in his sport, he also became very cocky.  Boasting about himself and his team.  Flashing his rings.  And, let’s not forget his excessive crying on the field the minute a pass rusher touched him or things didn’t go his way.  Don’t believe me, as Terrell Suggs.  That seems to be what stands out the most.  I hear people complain constantly about what a baby he is.  Not to mention everyone knows the NFL favors him as the marquee player.


Cheaters Never Prosper

Oh and then there is the whole “cheating” thing too.  Deflategate and the video recording scandal where Brady and Belichick essentially get slaps on the wrist?

As a kid in grade school I was taught that cheaters never prosper. Today’s youth is taught to do whatever it takes to win, just don’t get caught.  But if you do, it will all be fine as long as you are a league darling.

Let’s be real people, we all know they cheated.

That Awkward Moment

Can you imagine how Roger Goodell must have felt during the game?  I’m sure throughout most of the game he was thinking “Thank God, I don’t have to present the Lombardi trophy to Karft or Brady”.  Then late in the 4th quarter it had to have changed to “Son of a bitch!! I’m gonna have to present them the Lombardi trophy!” 

You could tell it was one of the hardest things Goodell had to do as commissioner.  Especially after the deflategate scandal.

Plus, Robert Kraft, got his dig in when he spoke to the crowd, saying “A lot has transpired over the last two years. And I don’t think that needs any explanation.”   ZING!

Even that more than awkward handshake between Goodell and Brady where Tom essentially gave him the quick “F You” look.  Ugh…


Now I have to be a fair also.  No matter how much of a d-bag Brady may or may not be, one fact is for certain…he IS arguably the best quarterback to ever play in the NFL.  Last nights come back victory against the Atlanta Flacons, solidified that for Brady permanently. Say what you will about that man.  Cheater or not, you can’t deny that Tom Brady is beyond exceptional. He is an absolute beast and knows how to win.  As a matter of fact, when halftime came around, I remember a guest at the Super Bowl party I attended saying “This game is over”.  Without even thinking I found myself replying…“That’s Tom Brady and if there is any possible way to pull out of this mess, he’ll find it and win.”

Tom proved me right.  Congrats champ you earned it, but MAN was that a crushing defeat.




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