Vine is Officially Dead

18. January 2017 Entertainment 0
Vine is Officially Dead
 As of today, it’s official…Vine is Dead.  The once popular six-second video sharing app, who introduced us to “Viners” like Jessi Smiles, Lele Pons and Amanda Cerny, is no longer. In 2012 the social media service was purchased by Twitter for a reported 30 million dollars.  The eventual decision to end Vine’s run was made earlier in 2016 and the end finally came.

But why?

Truth of the matter is that Vine could’t compete with Instagram. When Instagram launched videos it create a challenge that Vine just could not overcome.  More users and longer video clips.  Fifteen-second videos as opposed to the six-seconds that Vine provided.

The Vine stars realized they could get essentially everything they needed out of Instagram and eventually jumped ship. Others moved to YouTube seeking even longer time for expressing themselves, as well as creating a more personal connection with their followers. Aside from what the Vine star wanted, Advertisers didn’t care for the platform because the couldn’t monetize they way they can with other social media apps like Facebook and Instagram.

Now if you’re a Vine fan, don’t worry!  The app isn’t going away for good. Instead it will be changing into a pared-down version of itself. It’s being reincarnated into a similar version that will be called Vine Camera.  This rebranded version will still allow users to create short videos, just like before. The difference will be the fact that they will only be available in your camera roll, or as an upload load option to, you guessed it…Twitter.


What are your thoughts concerning the end of the Vine run? Did you ever use the service?  If so, do you think it was good or is Instagram better?  Do you even care? Personally I liked it, especially some of the Vines stars I mentioned earlier.  I’d love to hear your thoughts concerning the end of Vine as we knew it.




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